[Scriptoris] The fun we had today

beau dumesnil beaudumesnil at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 11 23:38:07 PST 2012

Greetings scribal gang, Wanted to pass along that those of us down here living in the heel of the Ansteorran boot that kicks Gleann Abhann into Trimaris (Bordermarch) had a very splendid outing today & outstanding workshop the night previous...Friday night M. Hillary Greenslade graced our bi-weekly "Guild Together" @ the Art Studio, Inc. in Beaumont Texas with a wonderful quill cutting class...The Barony then had an outing as a unified group by taking a tour of the Stark museum in Orange, TX which was displaying four of their seven books of hours...We were joined again with M. Hillary Greenslade from Stargate & M's. Jalali of Salamis & Nerak de Tisserande of Ravens Fort for a grand whopping total of twenty attendees...The docents' (tour guides) @ the Stark had more questions about what we do than we of them and their displays...If any of you are coming through this part of the world on your travels then take some time & hit the Stark in Orange & see this show before it comes down Feb 25th...Also for viewing are the period "tools of the trade"...Special & public thanks are in order for M. Hillary who has in true Baronial champion style ( she is our A&S champ ) shared her knowledge w/ our fledgling scribal "newbies" & is helping to promote the guild nights into true efforts to advance the craft of scribal arts... YIS, Ld Biau-douz de la Mere BorderMarch Pen & Sword Marshal 		 	   		  

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