[Scriptoris] Northern Regional Scroll Call

Nothern Regional Signet northern-scribe at herald.ansteorra.org
Mon Feb 13 01:01:01 PST 2012


For the next three months - from February 1st until May 31st - every
completed charter that I receive will earn a chance to win a gift
certificate to the art supply store of their choice. Please read on for
details, and cross-post to interested lists. Thank you for your time.

In service,
Lady Rose the Obnoxious
northern-scribe at herald.ansteorra.org

- - - - -

*Scroll Call! FAQ

How does this work?*
You turn in completed charters. You earn an 'chances', or names in the hat,
bearing the name of your choice. At the end of the contest, we will draw a
name from the hat. That person will receive a gift certificate to the art
supply store of their choice.

*Do I receive one chance per turn-in, or per charter?*
You receive one chance per non-critical charter, and two chances for every
critical charter. If you turn in 15 non-critical charters, you get 15
chances. If you turn in 3 critical charters, you get 6 chances. The list of
critical charters can be found

*Do the charters have to be painted within the same time period of the
No, they only need to be turned in during this period, making this the
perfect time to turn-in those completed charters.

*When can I turn them in?*
You can turn them in anytime that you like. You can see my event schedule
here <http://www.busyscribe.org/p/schedule.html>.

*What name should I choose?*
You can put your own name, the name of your guild, or even the name of a
worthy individual that you would like to help out. The name is totally up
to you. If you put the name of your guild, the certificate will be sent to
your Guild Principle.

*What store can I choose, and when do I have to decide?*
When the contest has ended, I will contact the winner and ask them what
store they prefer. It can be any store that sells art supplies and offers
gift certificates. If the store is only in certain parts of the Kingdom,
then it must be a store that sells their certificates online.

*I have a question that wasn't addressed here.*
Please feel free to contact me with your question. I can be reached by
e-mail at northern-scribe at herald.ansteorra.org or by telephone at

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