[Scriptoris] Prize Document Texts [was: Question]

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A database or gallery of scrolls of texts that have been used in the past is great.  Though the text I used wasn't much different than those for the Champions, just changed the name of the event and purpose.  
These specific awards can give the scribe a bit more leaway or fun into creating something different from the norm, so long as the pertinent info is included (ie. who, what, where, when, and by whom, etc).  
I'll see if I can find some of my texts tonight and will post later this week. 
Cheers, Hillary

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Just to further clarify what Sara and Hillary said: 

The Official Awards Texts document only contains texts for official 
Ansteorran awards, orders, and ceremonial titles, defined as those 
carried in the Ansteorran Order of Precedence. The victors of the tournaments at GW and Pennsic have 
our respect, our honor, and our memory; however,  those tournament 
victories do not name an official Ansteorran ceremonial title, are 
therefore not carried in the OP, and therefore have no official document text.

Therefore, makers of tournament commemorative prize documents for such tournaments are free to design a text to suit the situation and the sponsors of 
that tournament.

What do y'all think of the idea of setting up a 
database of examples of this sort of thing? With the permission of the 
texts' authors, it could consist of texts used in the past for such 
recurring tournaments (GW and Pennsic) for scribes to use as a 
guide/reference in creating their own.

--Serena, Blanc Gryffon HeraldDeputy to Star Principal Herald for Special Documents

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>I have a text for that scroll from some years back, don't think it's anything official, just what we came up with, if it's the tourney done at Pennsic (based on date, I'm assuming that's what it's for).  I can bring it for you to the Stargate Scribes meeting on Sunday, Devin.  
>Yeah, Sara is right, we don't have standard texts for those 'prize' scrolls online anywhere.   
>Cheers, Hillary
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>Is there a standard text for this scroll.
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