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Hello Everyone,

Hope this missive finds everyone in good spirits and health. I come to you this day with a small request.

If you don't already know, Gleann Abhann is in control of Scribes Point this year at Gulf Wars. With this we are reaching out to our community of great and wonderful scribes for teachers and also help in the point as well. We will be open from 0900 til 2100 like we were last year. We are always needing calligraphers and illuminators for the different kingdoms especially the days prior to the different courts.

I understand that some of you will be coming late and that is alright as well. We will be needing help ALL week.

If you ever wanted to teach that special way that you do white work or how you do that Japanese Calligraphy well here is your opportunity.

Will will also need help in the form of Shift Leaders. There will be times that my schedule and that of Baron Alrekr's will not allow us to be in there and as such we will need people to help any new comers into scribes point as well as any last minute needs of the Kingdoms.

If we all give only a small amount of our time then the entire workload will be that much easier on everyone.

I know that Gulf Wars is five months out but it now gives everyone time to get there teaching information together (instead of the week before like someone I know, fingers pointing at self! LOL!)

We look forward to hearing from all our talented artist in this wonderful kingdom.

You may contact me or Robert Matthews.

Ld. Laurence O'Coileain Department Head (Larry Collins)-
Email: mailto:persimmoncreekoutdoor%40yahoo.com

Baron Alrek Deputy (Robert Matthews) -
Email: mailto:alrekrtheblack%40hotmail.com

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