[Scriptoris] Sable Scroll requests....

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 12:11:52 PDT 2012

Greetings Scribes, 
The new Sable Scroll for their Majesties Jean Paul and Gilyan, Mistress Gunhilda Amberstar ('Guni') is    
having an issue with her e-mail posting to the Scriptoris list, so asked me to post the current Sable Scroll charters needs: 
AOA's - AOA's - AOA's - AOA's - AOA's - AOA's - AOA's
Sable Scroll NEEDS AOA's   - Got that!   Good! 
Seriously, Gunhilda said there were 7 AOA scrolls in the files right now.   
If you have scrolls ready to send up, of any kind, but specifically AOA's, please get them to the Crown, or
mail them to Sable Scroll directly (properly protected mailers, NO SIGNATURE required delivery). 
Please send me a request for Gunhilda's home address, it's not currently updated in the Black Star.  
Also, you can send direct posts to Sable Scroll at: 
Sable Scroll <sable-scroll at herald.ansteorra.org>
I think that's it, get painting.   
Cheers, Hillary  (Scriptoris backup Admin)

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