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Fri Nov 6 12:04:53 PST 1998


I'll have you know, that most of the Roaring girls were NOT prostitutes.
Now...we won't talk about the subgroup of thieves......

Daniel!  Thanks for calling yourself to my attention!  I just thought of some
way in which you could be useful!  ;)
On my device that's been submitted that's blazoned something like:  Azure, on a
bend (sinister? left to right as looking at it) argent, a salamander (heraldese
for curvy and seen from the back) enflamed, you think that
it would still pass if it were simply sable, rather than ermined?  It's sooooo
much easier to paint if it doesn't have ermines....


Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:

> > >                 The roaring girls of London (HL Isobel)
> > I got a promotion.  Heheh....  ;)
> > Ly Isobel
> No, in "Honorable Lady" here, "Honorable" is a simple adjective.  They
> want to emphasize that you're not speaking from personal experience in
> the job, shall we say.
> Daniel "Um, I assume 'Madam' is not a correct title either, right?"
> de Lincolia
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