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Jodi McMaster jmcmaste at
Sun Nov 8 20:09:25 PST 1998

Isobel wrote:
> On my device that's been submitted that's blazoned something like:  >Azure, on a bend (sinister? left to right as looking at it) argent, a >salamander (heraldese for curvy and seen from the back) enflamed, > you think that it would still pass if it were >simply sable, rather than ermined?  

I'm not Daniel, but here's my two cents for him to comment on:  it was
submitted as "Azure, on a bend argent a salamander tergiant embowed
counterermine enflamed proper."  The closest device I found registered
in the online O & A was

Bhakail, Barony of: The following badge associated with this name was
registered in March of 1990 (via the East):
          (Fieldless) A salamander tergiant sable, enflamed proper.

I count one CD for the field, one for the bend and one for the little
girl who lived down the lane.

But if it'll pass and if Isobel wants to change it, how do we do that
procedurally since it's already appeared in the AG ILoI?

Okay, Daniel, help me out here....

>It's sooooo
> much easier to paint if it doesn't have ermines....

I'll second that.

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