SR - Ostrich plumes

Casey&Coni weed at
Wed Nov 18 08:44:16 PST 1998

Hanse hier, having a spot of trouble.  I've been asked to do a lovely set of
garments by one of my more refined clients and I find that nobody in all of
Heidelburg seems to know where I might acquire ostrich plumes in the quality
and volume that I need for the chappeau.  I don't want those sissy looking
plumes you so often find at that merchant 'JoAnnes' shop; what I want are
the HUGE good ones that have a base as big around as a vienna sausage and
are as full as a frenchman who's been locked up all night in a snail,
croissant, and wine shop.  My client has a special dispensation from Kaiser
Max to wear whatever colors he so desires and to completely disregard any
rules regarding ostentatiousness so we will be needing *no less* than twenty
plumes... any assistance you good folks can possibly lend us in this area
would be highly appreciated.


Hanse- tailor to the stars of Ansteorra, Burgundy, and the Holy Roman

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