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Wed Nov 18 09:38:32 PST 1998

On 18 Nov 98, at 10:44, Casey&Coni wrote:

> Hanse hier, having a spot of trouble.  I've been asked to do a lovely set
> of garments by one of my more refined clients and I find that nobody in
> all of Heidelburg seems to know where I might acquire ostrich plumes in
> the quality and volume that I need for the chappeau.  ...

perhaps these links will be of use in your search ...

American Exotic Ostrich Feathers


Ostriches Online

Wild Canyon Ostrich Ranch (Dallas)

R&M Ostrich Consultants

Goodheart Specialty Meats (San Antonio)
... have used them for venison, bison, and ostrich meats (yum!!!)

Mount Royal (game meats / Houston)


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