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Wed Nov 18 16:17:06 PST 1998


At Laurel's Prize Tourney Duchess Sieglinde stepped down as Kingdom A & S
officer.  As her Emergency Deputy I have stepped in as Acting Kingdom A & S
Minister.  After discussion with both their Majesties and their Highnesses it
has been decided to accept bids for this position until Feb. 1st, 1999.  Their
then Majesties Gunthar and Sara will announce their choice for the office at
the Gulf War Competition in Feb to be held in Tempio.  We will also be
announcing this in the January Blackstar.  The reason for the short time
period for accepting applications is that it we feel it is important that the
new A & S officer be in place by Gulf War.  Their Highnesses suggested that I
post this notice to give even more time to those who wish to apply.  So fell
free to pass this on.  

If you are interested please send your letter of intent, copy of membership to
the following individuals.

Their Highnesses Ansteorra
Corporate Minister of A & S (see back of Blackstar)
and a file copy to me.

Yours in Service
Mistress Anastassia Mikhailovna Donskoi
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