SR - Thank you for helping clean up after Academy of the Courtier Brian_Smith at
Thu Nov 19 14:54:04 PST 1998

I would like to thank everyone who came out to Academy of the Courtier on
Sunday to help clean up after the event.

My Heartfelt Thanks to:
Baron Theodric, Ritter Deiterich, Ld Conrad, and Lady Cathy all of whom came
from Tempio specifically to help clean up. 

Connor son of Clure, Pheobe Mac Kenzie, Zaharra Bloodloc, Jovian Skleros,
All of who made sure Gala could reach me at a moments notice,  Pendaran
Glamorgan, Jehanne D'Avignon, Iolo Fitzowen, Avrey Shaw, Gwenneth Glamorgan,
Aaron Harper, and Eleanor Fairchild. 

Thanks again for your help in cleaning up after one of the best events I
have had the pleasure and privilege to attend.


Laird Brian A Cameron
Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra

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