SR - 2nd Ansteorran Kingdom Fighter Practice on Dec 5 Brian_Smith at
Thu Nov 19 16:00:31 PST 1998

Come out and join us for the 2nd Ansteorran Kingdom Rapier Fighter Practice.

Academy of the Courtier is over and Queen's Champion Tourney will soon be
upon us. Why not hone your fighting skills? There will be, No Court, Feast,
Classes or Tourneys.  

Just bring your foils, epees, schlagers, fiberglass rapiers and Del Tins,
for a day of practice that will be as intense as you can make it.

This Practice will be held on Saturday, December 05 1998, in the Barony of
Elfsea, starting at 12:00 pm in the Oakwood  Enterprises Warehouse in Fort
Worth Texas. Don't miss a great chance to practice with many folks you may
not normally have a chance to fight.

The address of  Oakwood Enterprises Warehouse is, 2925 Braswell Dr. Ft.
Worth, TX 76111 and a map of the area can be found at this URL:

If you have any question please contact either
Laird Brian Cameron (MKA Brian Smith) (512) 259-9682 
email - brianc at
Lord Duncan Hepburn (MKA Wayne Ross) (972) 492-3503 
email - wayner at

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