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Announcing the Ansteorran 20th Year Celebration Arts and Sciences 

There are to be two separate competitions at Ansteorra's Twentieth Year
Celebration, Twentieth Year Artisan, and Twentieth Year Laurel.  Included in
the Twentieth Year Artisan competition are several sub-competitions sponsored
by different individuals.

1. The 20th year Artisan......single Item entry (w/ documentation of 


	•A. A subtlety competition....documentation not required but 

	•B. A glass arts competition will be sponsored by Mistress Teleri 
ferch Pawl.
		Entries may fall into one of three categories: 
		•Hot/warm glass (including flameworked, blown, and fused 
glass, as well as 		true glass enamels), 
		•cold glass (such as stained, etched, and engraved glass), 
		•and glass research papers. Original works using 
well-documented period 			styles and technologies will be most 
	Contact Mistress Teleri at esmitman at for more information. 

	•C. There will be a competition for the best Greek, Roman, or 
Byzantine entry   		sponsored by Mistress Xene.

2. 20th Year Laurels' Tourney. The Laurels will be the ones competing, and 
the populace will get the chance to judge the Laurels. 

The suggested requirements to enter: 

	•along with the entered item, 
	•they can display an early (pre- Laurel) piece. 

The  sub-competitions are a part of the 20th Year Artisan competition. 
Artisans wishing to participate in any of the sub-competitions need to 
specify that they are wishing to do so at sign in.

Set up for the 20th year artisan and the 20th year Laurel competition will 
begin at 8 am Friday. They all will run simultaneously on Friday until 5ish.

There will be a light luncheon provided by the Barony of Bordermarch for 
those Laurels who will donate their time to judge the A&S competition.

If there are any groups wishing to donate a prize, or an individual wishing 
to sponsor a competition see the information below for a contact.

For more information please contact:
Ld. Charles Pierre de Bourbon 
Charles Burke 409-721-5133
fopdejour1 at
Deputy Kingdom MoAS ~ ATYC

(please visit the 20th year website at

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