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Bob Dewart gilli at
Sat Apr 3 23:50:18 PST 1999

Greetings all and Hi there,

Sunday moring of ATYC there will be a "Nobles Archery Shoot".  Each Noble
(Court Barony and above--ie, those folks who may wear brass hats) may
sponsor a team of two archers to compete for them in the shoot.

A prize from the Noble is required to enter a team into the competition.
The Noble who sponsored the winning team claims all (maybe they'll share
with their archers).  The Nobles are encouaged to provide their archers with
the Nobles colors/arms.  The team should also have a herald to announce
their entry onto the firing line.

The competition will be a progressive range competition shot at a 60 cm 5
color target, such as the type used in the IKAC.  The starting range will be
20 yards.  Each team will be allowed to shoot 6 arrows at each range they
qualify for.  All teams qualify for the first round shot at 20 yards.  There
after, to qualify for the next round, a team must score at least 1 point on
the target.  The second round will be shot at 30 yards, 3rd at 40, 4th at
50, etc.  The range will continue to increase each round untill there is
only one team scoring on the target, who will be declared the winner.
However, if a round has no one qualifing, the previous range will be reshot
by those who had qualified and the highest score will win.  Each team may
distribute their arrows among themselves as they chose as long as each
archer shoots at least one arrow that round.

Sorry about those multiple listings.

Projectile Weapons Coordinator ATYC

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