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Sun Apr 4 17:21:02 PDT 1999

Do you have a particular culture or geographic area in mind?  Email me privately if
you are interested in the Franks.  At that time, Franks of one stripe or another held
sway over the areas that would become France, Germany, Belgium, etc.

Radegund of Tours

Jim Kotsonis wrote:

>         I have decided to try an early period personna (600-699), but I am without
> technical knowledge of that period.  The kind of information I am looking
> for is:
> Religious thinking
> Clothing
> Games
> Dwellings
> Crafts
> Modes of transportation
> Food
> .......and just about anything that you can send.  I am doing research on
> my own, but would appreciate any help that I can get.  A lot of the
> information that I have been finding has been written in a foriegn
> language.  Can you help?
>         Please send me the information and the sites were I can find the
> information first-hand.  I would appreciate any help you can give.
>                                 Thank you
>                                 Lord Jaymes Smithson
>                                 In Service to the Dream
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