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Thu Apr 8 13:19:38 PDT 1999

Hello It's Simone

I am working on the Bardic Fire Section for Contact Information, and the Bards Database. I am Having to ask for contact information again because my computer crashed and the e-mail was not Backed up with the rest of the information for the Bardic Collage website . 

If you would like to be included in this list or the data base please return this  message to margiejr at with the blanks filled in.


Location: Barony of XXXXXX

Name: (title) David Smith
E-mail:  dsmity at
Bardic Accolades: bard of XXXXX
Performance Type:  vocals, poetry, Storytelling, Compisition, drumming..ect
Feeding Prefrences: Chocolate, cheesecake, Dr pepper, Irish cream
Feeding Considerations: Alergic to Mushrooms, No raw tomatos

All information is optional  Just what you would like the Bardic comunity and populace to know. For your safety and privacy no Phone Numbers or Adresses


Bardic Accolades:
Performance Type: 
Feeding Prefrences:
Feeding Considerations:

Lady Simone
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