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nolen dale fairborn at
Tue Apr 13 17:24:19 PDT 1999

Richard Fairbourne here. On July30 - Aug 1 we will be having our second
RedTape Event. The first one was held at Three Bridges with great
success. I would like to put this event up for bids. We need at least
one room that can hold a 100+ people and then an additional 5 to 6 rooms
with enough room fro at least 20 + people. Colleges are perfect for this
event. This event is in mudane clothes and we would prefer not to charge
the people attending. We would need the rooms from 9-7 on saturday and
9-1 on sunday. This meeting is strongly encourage for all Great Officers
and their primary and regional deputies. Any local officer or non
officer may also attend and see how the kingdom works! Please send your
bids for this event to Myself and Sir Burke. We are flexoble on the
number of rooms and hours, but we do need the large room. Email me or
call me if you have questions.

in service

Richard Fairbourne
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal
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