SR - ATYC Projectile Ranges Schedules

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sun Apr 18 18:25:02 PDT 1999

Greetings and Hi there,

Sorry for the multiple listings.
This is the current projectile schedule for ATYC.  Spur of the moment
novalty shoots may be offered.

Thursday 8, July
AM    Finish set up
PM    Ranges open for practice / score*

Friday 9, July
AM    Child and adult team shoot on combat range.  Other ranges open for
practice /score*.
PM    Ranges open for practice / score*.

Saturday 10, July
AM    Ax, knife and spear competition.  Siege engine competition / demo.
Other ranges open for practice / score*.
PM    Courts and feast.

Sunday 11, July
AM    Noble's Archery Shoot.  Other ranges closed.
PM    Clean up

* Ranges include:
    IKAC range
    IKCAC range
    Live weapons range (ax, knife and spear)
    Siege Engine range.


Twenty years of blood, sweat, tears, fun, family, and friends.  Here's to
Twenty more!

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