SR - Squires and Cadets Invitational XII

Kaitlyn McKenna kaitlyn_mckenna at
Fri Apr 23 14:36:52 PDT 1999

To answer this no Don or Knight volunteered to run dance, 
announcement ahead of time of "a dance" for the competition was not 
possible.  As has happened at several past Squire's and Cadets,  the 
dance will be announced and taught the day of the competition.  As for isn't a competition.  The service section is in hopes that 
participants will help with the heralding and marshalling etc. of the 

Kaitlyn McKenna

p.s.  If there are any further questions, the steward can be reached 
through my email.

> Championship Competitions: Chivalric Combat - Rapier Combat - Dance 
- Bardic 
> - Heraldry - Arts & Sciences - Obstacle Course - Service >>
>ok as was asked before with no answer  what is the dance this year?
>and one question that has been asked alot, what is this service 
>Heer Pieter Rausch
>Cadet to Don Jeremy
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