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 To answer this briefly... The service section is in hopes that 
 participants will help with the heralding and marshalling etc. of the 
 Kaitlyn McKenna

I understand the nead for heralds and marshals but has there been a problem 
getting either of them? Voice heralds i can see how it might get rough some 
times but that IMHO is because some people are not the herald type. ( those 
who have a hard time speaking or yelling in public.) As for marshals, You 
can't swing a dead epee without hitting a marshal in this kingdom. So why the 
nead to addd them as requirements for the tourney? Is that the whole of the 
service part? ( just heradling and marshaling) Or, is there going to be some 
unlucky person that has to serve feast against their will or clean up after 
feast. I think there is a fine line between helping out on the feild as 
service and slave labor for an event. ( I have heard about some of those 
tasks give out in past "service sections" ) I would hope this post does not 
sound out of line, but, I hae heard alot of noise about this being added back 
in, because of the "services" that have been asked for in the past.

Heer Pieter Rausch
Cadet to Don Jeremy

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