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This Post is to inform the populace of the status of the Bardic Fire website Project. for the bardic Collage.

To help with Locating the Site we got a shorter URL the original still works. the shorter URL is

The page has been updated and added to. 

Changes in the Vocals section 

Documentation for songs  already posted. 
The Html is being written for 200 more pieces of music. and documentation research is in the process of being compiled for these new pieces.

Poetry Section

Works of Viscount Galen of Bristol, and HL Robert Fitzmorgan with Bios have been posted.

Beowulf has been posted along with Pictures of the Original Manuscript.

Works of Chaucer to be up by Friday. I am currently working on the HTML for the Bio page for Chaucer. when it is finished the section will be set in place.

Storytelling section.

Working on the HTML for some Irish Tales. Still looking for Norse Stories.

Riddle section.

Need Riddles and Puns to start this section.

Bardic Hall

Outline of Music History
Event listing for events with Bardic Activities Scheduled
Bardic, Music and Dance Guilds
Bulletin Board
Chat room
Opinion poll

As always suggestions are welcome. I am dyslexic so if there is spelling errors to be corrected. please point out were so I can make them. 

In Service
Lady Simone Maurian O'Dunlaing

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