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Tue Apr 27 09:56:03 PDT 1999

Brent_Ryder at wrote:

> I always have disliked arguments of this nature. Yes, we should not be afraid to
> use the funds in the Kingdom coffers, but to use them exclusivly is fool hardy
> and does not take the best interests of the Kingdom into account. Yes we can use
> the funds, but if we wait for an emergency to come up, we risk the possibility
> that our own pockets may well be lacking. We would therefore be doing a
> disservice to our Kingdom by exclusively using the kingdom funds when we can ask
> for donations for 'special' projects and thus save the funds we currently have
> for emergencies or leaner times.
> If we do not look to our future we may not have one.

There is, of course, a middle ground where a 'prudent reserve' is maintained.  Such
a prudent reserve would include all restricted funds (e.g. pay outs necessary should
the SCA go belly-up), and some period of operating expenses (e.g. 6 months, 1 year)
based on 20 years of Ansteorran history.  Such a system prevents us from becoming
the Kingdom of the Holy Bank Account while providing a safety net for tough times.


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