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Lenny Zimmermann zimmerml at
Tue Apr 27 07:37:55 PDT 1999

Lord Borek Vitalievich Volkov wrote:

>Messer Lionardo wrote: [snipped some]
>> We have it available, let us use it. If some
>> other project arises that we do NOT have the money
>> available for, THEN let us
>> ask for donations. I ask for nothing more.
>I always have disliked arguments of this nature. Yes, we should not be
afraid to
>use the funds in the Kingdom coffers, but to use them exclusivly is fool
>and does not take the best interests of the Kingdom into account. Yes we
can use
>the funds, but if we wait for an emergency to come up, we risk the
>that our own pockets may well be lacking. We would therefore be doing a
>disservice to our Kingdom by exclusively using the kingdom funds when we
can ask
>for donations for 'special' projects and thus save the funds we currently
>for emergencies or leaner times.

I concur with this as well, but... at what point does continuing to save
funds for "leaner times" become ridiculous. When we have $50,000 in our
treasury? When we have $100,000? When we have $1,000,000? I fear that we are
well out of lean times and may be to the point of amassing funds simply for
the sake of amassing funds "just in case". I can see maintaining a buffer
zone, but my personal opinion is that we are well past that buffer zone.

Honos Servio,
Lionardo Acquistapace, Bjornsborg

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