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Tue Apr 27 10:27:15 PDT 1999

>There is, of course, a middle ground where a 'prudent reserve' is maintained.
>a prudent reserve would include all restricted funds (e.g. pay outs necessary
>the SCA go belly-up), and some period of operating expenses (e.g. 6 months, 1
>based on 20 years of Ansteorran history.  Such a system prevents us from
>the Kingdom of the Holy Bank Account while providing a safety net for tough

So long as sufficient reserve is kept for all operating expenses for 6 months to
a year, then the funds left over can be used for whatever 'special projects' are
in the works. This still does not mean we should not seek donations for these
same projects. If nothing else, it will tell us how much interest the populace
has in the endeavor(s) and allow for the possibility of future projects through
having the assests to accomplish them without having to worry about 'passing the
hat'. Sometimes expediency is necessary to accomplish a goal and having the
funds on hand may be the only way to conclude such a transaction in a beneficial
and timely manner.

Lord Borek

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