SR - Re:On-line Ansteorra : Comments and rebuttal... Apology...

Lorraine and/or Kief deer_kief at
Tue Apr 27 11:55:42 PDT 1999

Heilsa Lionardo and all good and True Ansteorrans

Lionardo has replied thusly:

>Sir Kief wrote:
>>Excellent...then why are you trying to sabotage donations...?!
>In this I concur. I did indeed forget to conclude my missive in the 
way HL
>Pug so eloquently followed mine by stating that any who should wish 
>donate to so worthy a cause should do so.

I wrote:

>>You are whining......
>Good Sir, I do not see where I have caused you any harm or grief by
>providing an opinion that dissents from your own. Yet you publicaly 
>me by proclaiming that I am a "whiner" because my view on this 
matter is
>different from yours? For shame, Sir. I have never known you to be 
one to
>stoop to such heights and will prefer to assume you have written 
such in
>haste and in good humor, yet I must state that I am insulted and 
>request a rescindance. My honor demands no less.

I will accede to your statement of perceived insult. I will withdraw 
the appellation I bestowed and state thusly:

I, Sir Arenvald Kief av Kiersted, do publicly seek the forgiveness of 
Lord Lionardo Acquistapace of Bjornsborg. I apologize for any pain or 
insult that I have caused him on this, or any other, list.

I do also reserve the right to support or refute Lord Lionardo in the 
case of this matter or any other.

>>Besides...this donated money enables the Kingdom
>>to do two "enhancement" projects instead of one... If indeed the
>>computer project is paid for by donations alone...why, then we, as a
>>Kingdom, can fund a new educational or PR project that will bring in
>>even more new members........
>An excellent counter. But I will stand by my position. Yes, donate 
if you
>wish, nowhere in my arguments did I proclaim one should not donate 
>they have that desire. But, I wish to bring a consideration to all 
>perhaps we should consider when enough money sitting idly in Kingdom 
>becomes TOO MUCH money sitting in Kingdom coffers. We have it 
available, let
>us use it. If some other project arises that we do NOT have the money
>available for, THEN let us ask for donations. I ask for nothing more.

I would counter your rebuttal with: One can never have too much in 
the way of liquid assets.

>Honos Servio (Honor I Serve)
>Lionardo Acquistapace, Bjornsborg

Waes Thu Hael Lionardo and all our kinfolk...
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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