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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Tue Apr 27 12:05:02 PDT 1999

Am I totally misreading Lionardo's messages, or are other people?

What I gathered from them is that he's greatly in *favor* of a kingdom
web and e-mail server and just asking why the emphasis on donations --
"why doesn't it deserve kingdom funds, as a server would be more
generally useful than other things that get kingdom money?", if I may
put words in his mouth.  This is not denigrating donations; it's
deploring (if I may use so strong a word) the apparent emphasis on
donations for so useful an item, with delays it will cause, the
possibility of little-needed money in the kingdom coffers, et cetera.

Volodislav quoted (on the Central list) a passage saying
> If we are so willing to spend $1,000 on an item that will barely be
> used, then why the hesitancy to spend only $1,000 more than that for
> something that will provide this Kingdom so great a benefit?
and replied
] barely be used? ...
] how would a website that is more easily accessed and easier to use
] e-mail addresses not benefit the kingdom as a whole?
et cetera.

That *is* a misreading.  In the text before the quote, Lionardo
mentioned that ATYC site tokens will cost over $1000.  The *site
tokens* are the items that will "barely be used"; the *server* is
"so great a benefit".

Daniel "and greviously hath Lionardo answered it" de Lincolia
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