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>I dispute that.  I think large pots of tempting money sitting idle is
>a bad thing.

I just love generalities.

Can anyone (preferably a treasurer) answer this sort of question? How much is
too much? Where do you draw the line between being prepared for our future need
and being awash in extraneous funds that are a liability (from a fiduciary


>Yes, any organization needs reserves to cover obligations (subscription
liability, for >example).  Any organization needs a cushion for sudden expenses;
a rule of thumb I've >heard suggested is that an SCA branch should be able to
lose everything on their big >annual event (site washout, say) and still be able
to front the money for their next one.  >Sure, pad the cushion a bit more for
good luck -- "chance favors the prepared mind" and >all that.

Does anyone have an eye to the future? [Editorial comment ;) ]

I have no idea as to how much is too much. I am not an expert in this area. I
have always been told the the SCA is a research and re-enactment organization.
Has anyone given thought as to what is needed for this? Teaching supplies; an
online library of research materials (I would have said books, but a Kindom
level library is fraught with difficulties [not to say an online library would
be any less of a monumental task]); Collegiums where the materials and equipment
are supplied so that the students can come and learn instead of being barred
because they cannot afford the entrance fee. There are innumerable ways in which
the funds of the Kingdom could be put to use. Some are more practicle than
other, but all have their own validity. I feel we should be using our resources
to learn more about the past we endeavor to live in, recreate and re-enact, and
to spread this information to all who would know it. We do not have the
resources to do it all, but we should look to and plan for a future where we

>But I believe there should be a limit *somewhere*.  (Note again: i have no idea
if kingdom >is near that limit or no.)

Limit, yes. Protect Ansteorra so that she may live forever as she does in our
hearts and minds, but work toward a future where only the desire to learn and
expand our abilities to recreate the past and thereby live the Dream is the only
requirement. This is an idealistic view, but if you do not shoot for the
improbable, you will surly never achieve it.


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