SR - Re:On-line Ansteorra : Comments and rebuttal... Apology...

Lenny Zimmermann zimmerml at
Tue Apr 27 13:22:25 PDT 1999

Sir Kief wrote:
>I will accede to your statement of perceived insult. I will withdraw
>the appellation I bestowed and state thusly:
>I, Sir Arenvald Kief av Kiersted, do publicly seek the forgiveness of
>Lord Lionardo Acquistapace of Bjornsborg. I apologize for any pain or
>insult that I have caused him on this, or any other, list.
>I do also reserve the right to support or refute Lord Lionardo in the
>case of this matter or any other.

I graciously accept and thank you for restoring my faith in the pristine and
august character I have always known you to have. Thank you for correcting
my misperception of you statements, as it relieves a great burden from my

>I would counter your rebuttal with: One can never have too much in
>the way of liquid assets.

Then I shall in sincere friendship agree to disagree with you, good Sir.

With heartfelt thanks I remain at your service,

Lionardo Acquistapace

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