SR - Tex. Ref. Fair - Auditions marsha.greene at
Wed Aug 4 15:33:24 PDT 1999

If you are interested in taking a job at the Texas Renaissance Festival,
which run from Oct 2 - Nov 14, weekend; they will be hosting their Job Fair
on Saturday Aug. 14 at the New Market Village at the TRF site.  Over 1500
people will be hired to work as chefs, barmaids, shopkeepers and street
vendors.  For details;  1-800-458-3435 ext. 233.

Else, we want to see you at the SCA Demo compound ready to present fighting
demos in armored and rapier, present artistic displays and demos, perform
bardic and dancing entertainment and tell the patrons about the SCA and
Contact Yoshi, (Raven's Fort Seneschal)  for ticket information!!
It's the cheepest game in town... 2hrs of demo for a free ticket to TRF.
What a deal!!!
See you then... Hillary

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