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Carolle Ternus cternus at
Thu Aug 5 00:39:19 PDT 1999

Greetings Ansteorra from Lady Radegund of Tours,

I am the editor for the Proceedings for the two previous Alexandrian
Symposia.  The first topic was Women in the Middle Ages, and the second
was Death and Dying in the Middle Ages.  A couple of years ago, some of
you signed up on a list indicating that you want to purchase the first
Symposium's Proceedings.  Since it is a couple years later, I would like
to get a current list of people wanting to purchase Symposia

The Alexandrian Symposium on Religion is being held August 21 in Gate's
Edge.  I will be printing the previous Symposia Proceedings the week
before and bringing them to the event.  I don't know what the costs are
yet, but I believe each Proceedings will cost between $5 and $10.  Once
I know the prices, I will post them.

So, if anyone wants to purchase Proceedings for either the first
Symposium on Women or the second Symposium on Death and Dying, or both,
please email me at the above address.  You can also leave a message on
my voice mail, 210-826-7002.  Tell me your SCA and mundane names, which
Proceedings you want and either the events that you will be attending
(particularly the upcoming Symposium) or your snail address.

Please feel free to pass this along to other lists and to non-email

Thank you from the editor,
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