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Fri Aug 6 15:33:25 PDT 1999

I apologize for the confusion over this name. I simply misunderstood 
the connection between Lioness and Lyonesse. Of course, we did 
not mean to suggest this was a mythical land.

Sadly, this leaves many Southerners without a name with which they 
are satisfied. I have spoken to quite a few people and few expressed 
any enthusiasm for the names on the ballot. It is a shame to have to 
select a name because we think "it will do."

In answer to one of your questions:

Yes, I -- and others who were in on the name discussion -- knew the 
naming process was happening. However, I had no name I felt was 
worth submitting. I had thought about names before, as had others. I 
had been in on similar discussions with similar groups, but there 
was no great inspiration. I submitted nothing because I felt I had 
nothing worth submitting. When Lioness (Lyonesse?) was 
suggested it felt like an inspiration, something worth some effort. The 
answer is, inspiration comes when it comes; no deadline can alter 

The technical problems you have pointed out make the name -- at 
least the Lyonesse form -- fatally flawed. Still, it was a name that 
meant a lot to many of us.

In fact, what this whole process has pointed out is how poorly suited 
this process was for something like name selection. Of course, the 
choice should be up to the people who must live there, but I don't 
like the idea of selecting the least bad choice from those available 
because the election deadline is approaching; I get too much of that 
in my mundane life, selecting from unsuitable political candidates.

A name should be something that inspires us and speaks to our 
hearts. Inspiration does not always come when called, and until it 
does we should not force an uninspiring name on ourselves.

Don Christian Doré

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