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Marlin Stout ldcharls at
Fri Aug 6 10:24:42 PDT 1999

RapierNet Admin wrote:
> I apologize for the confusion over this name. I simply misunderstood
> the connection between Lioness and Lyonesse. Of course, we did
> not mean to suggest this was a mythical land.
> Sadly, this leaves many Southerners without a name with which they
> are satisfied. I have spoken to quite a few people and few expressed
> any enthusiasm for the names on the ballot. It is a shame to have to
> select a name because we think "it will do."
> In answer to one of your questions:
> Yes, I -- and others who were in on the name discussion -- knew the
> naming process was happening. However, I had no name I felt was
> worth submitting. I had thought about names before, as had others. I
> had been in on similar discussions with similar groups, but there
> was no great inspiration. I submitted nothing because I felt I had
> nothing worth submitting. When Lioness (Lyonesse?) was
> suggested it felt like an inspiration, something worth some effort. The
> answer is, inspiration comes when it comes; no deadline can alter
> that.

  I must agree with this. By the time I knew there was a serious effort
to select a name for our Region, the list was already being checked. I
heard lots of "Gee, that sounds like a good idea" talk, seemingly
followed (with little warning) by a list of names and instructions to
pick one. While I'm sure it doesn't seem this way to those involved, I
can't believe I'm alone in feeling it came upon us too fast.
  I'm not knocking the idea of a name. I actually think it's a good
idea, but any name we select needs to be one that inspires the populace,
and the names on the list just don't 'sing' to me. I'd much rather see
us take our time (and get a name that's really cool) than settle for one
now that's not as good as it could be. Personally, I think some form of
'Lyonesse' would be much more inspiring than just about anything on the
current list. 
  Also consider that changing a name that's in use over such a large
area would probably be somewhere between really difficult and herding
cats. If we're going to have a name, let's make it a really good one,
that we won't have to change later when it begins to wear on us.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Lt. Adj. of the Bryn Gwlad Guard
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