SR - Late Entry

Martin, Brian bmartin at
Mon Aug 9 07:02:40 PDT 1999

Why is there a huge rush to get a name??
If there are "many southerners without a name with which they are satisfied"

then inquire them to vote none of the above.  Have this round of votes be a 
"primary" to narrow the selections.  Continue to have a write in campaign.  
If the majority of voters do not like any of the current suggestion, than 
keep looking.

Don't force a name because it got more votes than any others(if there are 
more "none of the aboves"

Remember, the name chosen will be with us for a long time.  Lets make sure 
its a popular name.

>> While I disagree that there is a huge rush to get a name (we've been at
this process for months, 
>> and have been discussing the topic for nearly a year), I do think that if
the majority of the 
>> people aren't happy with any of the names, then they should vote for none
of the above. 

>> On the other hand, who says that there is a huge number of people who
don't like any of the 
>> names? We've seen one email crop up with a suggestion for a late entry
because the author of 
>> said email didn't care for the selection of names. Does that mean that
the majority of 
>> southerners don't like any of the names? I doubt it. 

>> I like the suggestion above for people who don't like the names, but
let's not over react and to 
>> assume that we're going to get stuck with a name that we hate because of
one email.


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