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paul kaveshan pkjdw at
Mon Aug 9 15:09:25 PDT 1999

> > Why is there a huge rush to get a name??
>The first Lion's Tale (at least, the first one on-line), at
> , has a first draft of a
>name list.  It was dated August of last year, and was based on
>previous Southern list discussion.  The Lion's Tale that had the
>checked list of proposals is dated March of 1999.

I moved to the southern region in January of this year.  I have no idea what 
the lions tale is.(but will check out the site as soon as i am done with 
this letter)  I thank u for letting me know that such a publication exists.

>Given that, I would like to know why you feel there's a rush, because
>it may indicate a problem in the process.  For example, was the >ballot 
>your first exposure to the ideas?  Was the process and >discussion 
>mentioned in your area, or at events you went to -- if so, when?

The first I heard of the nameing process was about month ago at local 
populous meeting.  ( i started playing local in May) I had heard of the 
region trying to become a principality for well over a year, but I diddn't 
know that the name hadn't been chosen yet.

So I guess that just means I was out of the loop for awhile.  Also, I am 
(apparantly) just one who wasn't "up to speed" on this.
Let me peddle a little faster to catch up.  :)

Ld James De Warrenne

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