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Don Christian Doré jtc at
Tue Aug 10 18:32:35 PDT 1999

On 10 Aug 99, at 11:12, Dory Grace wrote:

> You know, I've noticed the same sort of thing in quite a few
> instances. Have you noted the timing? If something seems to be
> running smoothly and something is actually about to get *done*, it
> seems that someone or someones will invariably pipe up with some
> monkeywrench-shaped complaint to throw into the machinery. (Note:
> Don Christian, I'm not talking about you, ok? I like you. ;-> This
> is just a general observation.) 

Thanks for the dispensation, but I am the one complaining. I have no 
particular agenda, nor do I believe anyone has done anything 
unethical. I just think we have not come up with a name worth 
having. Those I have spoken to have not criticized anyone involved 
in the process, just the names.

Still, the bottom line is that if we are not getting a name that enough 
people feel is worth having, there is something wrong with our 

I don't know the answer. Maybe some brainstorming sessions. 
Maybe just waiting until we form a name for ourselves organically. 
Maybe something I haven't thought of. I guess we will see how 
"none" fares on the ballot.

Don Doré 
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