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Unfortunately, regardless of all of the meetings that were held, with plenty
of notice;  all of the dialogue on names;( Including dialogue from a lot of
folks who trashed this or that name, but when pressed for an alternative
suggestion, had none to give. Sigh, it's so easy to criticize rather than
create.);  all of the hard work by the heralds to research the suggested
names; all of the work done by the folks who publish the newsletter;  many
don't seem ready to hear any of it.  Fear of change can be subconcious and
very powerfull.

Now, I'll grant you that I'm probably not in one of my most positive
attitudes right now, but from what I've seen and heard, we probably need to
drop the whole thing for a few years (if not more).  It's not worth the
continued frustration.

Meadhbh here....

I must agree with Jehanne. Even though there is some fun going on with the
regional naming process, I do think it says a lot about where the group is
on a name. And I do think after the final results are in... if there is no
concensus .... putting this aside for a time would be a good idea.
Remember, a name won't make us a region, working together (such as with the
Southern Regional event)... will. And maybe the right name will come up
sometime in the future.



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