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James Crouchet jtc at
Wed Aug 11 07:53:30 PDT 1999

On 11 Aug 99, at 7:32, Marlin Stout wrote:

>   While it is undoubtedly true that fewer people act on a problem than
> don't, I think it somewhat unfair to presume that all those who don't
> act simply don't care to be bothered. Some may not act because they're
> afraid of being laughed at, some because they don't know how to, some
> because they're uncertain of the best response. Not all the inactive
> ones fit these categories, of course, some folks really are lazy or
> don't care, but some aren't.

I rather agree. I will add that some people don't act simply because 
they don't think they have anything to contribute, their plate is 
already full or they do not agree that what is being done needs to be 
done. For example, we recently created entire new marshalate 
systems and rules to allow minors to fight in Ansteorra. I did not 
notice many of the people I see posting here giving us their input on 
the new Youth Rapier rules. 

I would not suggest that Jehanne and Daniel (for example) are 
therefore lazy or don't care. Both work very hard in their own areas. 
I would bet that both have said something about YR to their friends 
at some point, or perhaps read a post from the Ansteorra list 
concerning YR, but felt they had little to add. I am sure if either had 
something important to add to our work, they would have commented 
-- even if had not occurred to them until the last minute.

This is a *big* SCA. No one can do everything.

Christian Doré
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