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Marlin Stout ldcharls at
Wed Aug 11 00:32:14 PDT 1999

Brian & Pam Martin wrote:
> I too have heard a few folks saying the same kind of things.  It has been my
> experience that many do a lot of talking, and few take action.  When those
> few do actually take action, those who make a lot of noise and don't do
> anything get angry.
  While it is undoubtedly true that fewer people act on a problem than
don't, I think it somewhat unfair to presume that all those who don't
act simply don't care to be bothered. Some may not act because they're
afraid of being laughed at, some because they don't know how to, some
because they're uncertain of the best response. Not all the inactive
ones fit these categories, of course, some folks really are lazy or
don't care, but some aren't.

> Unfortunately, regardless of all of the meetings that were held, with plenty
> of notice;  all of the dialogue on names;( Including dialogue from a lot of
> folks who trashed this or that name, but when pressed for an alternative
> suggestion, had none to give. Sigh, it's so easy to criticize rather than
> create.);  all of the hard work by the heralds to research the suggested
> names; all of the work done by the folks who publish the newsletter;  many
> don't seem ready to hear any of it.  Fear of change can be subconcious and
> very powerfull.
  Not everyone could make all the meetings, and some of them probably
didn't get the full word on what went on. The first regional newsletter
I ever saw was the one with the list of names in it, all ready to be
voted on, and I live *in Bryn Gwlad* where the thing was being printed.
Until then I didn't even know there was such a thing, and I can't
believe I was the only one this happened to. I have the utmost respect
for all the work the heralds did on the list, particularly after trying
(three times) to get a device submission that would make it out of the
Kingdom. However, I have to say that the names on the list just don't
appeal to me. I can't say why, that's just how I feel about them. I
don't have any better suggestions off the top of my head, does that make
me 'uncreative' and 'over critical'? 
  I do think that the idea of having a regional name is a good one. I do
fear that a lot of folks are getting the idea that the result of this
vote is IT, therefore you'd better vote for something.
  I do think Master Daniel and all the others who worked on this have
done a lot of very good work thus far on it. 

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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