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Zimmermann, Leonard zimmerml at
Wed Aug 11 06:58:03 PDT 1999

I just thought I would throw in a couple of cents here. I happen to like
several of the names on the list (especially Campoleone, and I KNOW the rest
of you will grow to like it, too, being a good Italian name, and all ;)) and
think that many of them are more than worthy for naming this region and sure
sing to my heart. I also have not heard any of the negativity surrounding
this issue, except on this list. And I am not an inactive member. Maybe
Bjornsborg is just happy enough with what has been done so far or I'm just
not around those who are dissatisfied. 

Around here the naysayers in in the minority. I say we shouldn't get
discouraged and we shouldn't drop the ball on this. So many of us through
several pollings at populace meetings (which I have no power over which ones
anyone attends or does not) have agreed that we'd really like to name the
region and have been encouraged through our seneschals at populace meetings
(again, I have no control over who attends these or at which ones the
subject will be brought up) to put in our thoughts on the matter. Let's see
how the vote comes up, but if your for seeing a name, don't lose heart! If
we get too many of the 'None of the Above" entries, we'll just have to keep
coming up with new names. It's not like thinking up names is hurting anyone
or that it should be causing undue stress. We have more than enough stress
in our lives for far more important things than thinking up names.
Personally, I find it enjoyable. To each their own, I suppose.

Honos Servio,
Lionardo Acquistapace, Bjornsborg
(Lenny Zimmermann, San Antonio)
zarlor at

"A soldier uses arms merely with skill, whereas a knight uses them with
virtuous intention."   - Pomponio Torelli, 1596.
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