SR - About a philosophy of names

Martin, Brian bmartin at
Wed Aug 11 07:16:53 PDT 1999

	Echoing some of Daniel's sentiments, I would like to re-iterate that
a name, or a flag, or any other symbol doesn't come ready made with emotions
and beliefs vested in it. A flag is just a piece of cloth. A name is simply
a word. What makes these things important to us are the values, beliefs and
ideas that we put into them; and those things come from us, not from the
symbol itself. I'm of the fervent belief that if we choose a name whose
sound we like, and that is of a realistic nature, that name will, in future
days, inspire us because of the deeds that we do in that name. 

	Take Bryn Gwlad, for example: it's a bad translation in Welsh, it's
awkward to say and difficult to spell. Yet, when I think of Bryn Gwlad, my
heart swells with pride and I am filled with wonderful memories of glorious
and chivalrous deeds. I think of a land filled with great artisans, and
good, hard working people. I don't think of all these things because of the
name Bryn Gwlad, but because of what we have invested in that name. 

	I beg everyone to simply keep that in mind,
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