SR - big sigh

Kevin Varner KVarner at
Wed Aug 11 08:14:58 PDT 1999

Greetings All!
I am also not ready to give up on the naming process. If the names on the
ballot are really so unpopular as is being bandied about, then vote with
your pen/pencil. If the names on the ballot are truly unacceptable, then I
will expect to see "None of the Above" as the overwhelming candidate. If
that happens, then we will start over (having eliminated 16 noncontenders).

Duncan MacConacher
Bryn Gwlad


	Wow, call me stubborn, but I'm not ready to give up just because two
or three people post messages saying that people don't like any of the
names. I'm not ready to believe that the entire region is split based on a
handful of emails. 

	Pendaran the Stubborn

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