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Casey&Coni weed at
Wed Aug 11 08:18:37 PDT 1999

Don Dore wrote some stuff but summed it up with:

>This is a *big* SCA. No one can do everything.
>Christian Doré

Okay, you have officially missed the point here, Don Christian.  The
complaints I have seen here (and quite frankly, feel are completely
justified) are not that the folks cast in this light don't do *something*...
it's a complaint about those who don't do *anything*.  Especially in regard
to those happenings in the sca that have a lot to do with them.

To wit: I don't arch, so archery marshalling changes don't affect me much...
I am content to let those in that forum act for us all.  But if it were,
say, chivalric fighting, I feel I have a responsibility to help out with the
decision-making process and add viable solutions to problems that crop up.

Using the same model, I think we can safely say that the naming issue
affects everyone in the region wanting a name.  I am in that region.  I have
been well-informed about what was going on.  If I care enough about the
issue to say "no, I don't like it that way", then I had better care enough
to say "this. this is what I think *would* work."

At some point we have to lay down and acknowledge that it just plain ain't
right to watch the tent being put up from the sidelines, all the while not
helping drive stakes or hold poles, and then have the nerve to be upset that
you don't like where it's been put up.


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