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James Crouchet jtc at
Wed Aug 11 22:08:21 PDT 1999

On 11 Aug 99, at 10:18, Casey&Coni wrote:

> Using the same model, I think we can safely say that the naming issue
> affects everyone in the region wanting a name.

And everyone NOT wanting a name. But leaving aside that part, not 
everyone has a suggestion. Inspiration comes when it comes. I can 
write rules on demand or set up a tent any time, but I cannot come 
up with a name until I just do. I don't think that creative lightening has 
hit us yet and, until it does, we need to keep looking, not settle for 

> I am in that region.  I have been well-informed about what was
> going on. 

Alright , quick, every knight in the Southern Region, tell me all about 
the Youth Chivalric programs...Armored fighting is the purview of the 
knights, right?

Now before you get upset, let me say I am not really trying to cast 
stones at anyone. Heck, for all I know Dietrich may be Timo's right 
hand man. And even if he is not, not everyone has the knack for 
working with youngsters. Not everyone has time to take on another 
project, *and that is ok.*

Still, I'll bet if some knight saw a problem with the Youth Chivalric 
program, he would speak up -- even if he did not have a better 
suggestion. And I'll bet Timo would say thank you because you can't 
fix a problem till you know it is there, and no one wants to send our 
kids out there if it is not safe.

Ok, a bad name is not an injured kid, but we have to live with it for a 
long time so I am not sorry I said what I thought about the names I 
have seen.

It is no secret that some people have made this region and/or 
principality thing their pet project. Fine, but don't be so amazed if 
some of the people who this is being built around (remember us? we 
live here...) complain if we don't like the names being thrown out.

> If I care enough about the issue to say "no, I don't like it
> that way", then I had better care enough to say "this. this is what
> I think *would* work." 

But I don't know what would work. Does that mean I need to just shut 
up and let someone else decide even though I don't like any of the 
choices I have seen? It seems to me that "none of the above" was 
included on the ballot for a reason.

> At some point we have to lay down and acknowledge that it just
> plain ain't right to watch the tent being put up from the sidelines,
> all the while not helping drive stakes or hold poles, and then have
> the nerve to be upset that you don't like where it's been put up. 

So who's been standing around watching? There is plenty of work 
being done, and only a little piece of it involves finding this name. So 
(to extend your example) is it wrong, when returning from gate 
guard, to comment that the tent was set up facing the sun on a fire 
ant mound in a ditch and suggest moving it before the tourney starts?

Don Doré
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