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Thu Aug 12 06:43:48 PDT 1999

Dore' wrote:
>I don't think that creative lightening has 
>hit us yet and, until it does, we need to keep looking, not settle for 

Well, now, that's just a single opinion. Some of us are quite enamoured
with at least one name on the ballot as it stands. Right now, it's a moot
point as we have no idea what the ballots are going to tell us. 

>But I don't know what would work. Does that mean I need to just shut 
>up and let someone else decide even though I don't like any of the 
>choices I have seen? 

May be. Like the old adage says, you can't please all the people all the
time. I do believe everyone involved in this process is concerned with
pleasing as many of the people here in the SR as possible, so I think the
generous thing to do at this point is to assume noble intentions and wait
for the results of the poll. Right now a couple folk have expressed their
opinion that they don't like any of the choices they were given to date.
Alright. Thank you for sharing. If a sizeable enough number of folk share
your opinion, there will be opportunity to act further on your concerns. If
a sizeable enough number of folk have picked a favored name from the list
provided, the gracious thing to do will be to be supportive of the regional

So, at this point in time, what else is there to debate? It seems a little
unproductive and misquided to expend too much energy debating an issue
while you *know* all the evidence isn't in. I don't suppose we could talk
about something else for a while? Hmmmm?


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