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Wed Aug 11 12:22:52 PDT 1999

Casey&Coni wrote:

> And this question goes out primarily to Ravensfort folks:  Is Timos
> assesment of the attitude there accurate?  Does the majority really feel
> that they'd be better off without the rest of the South?  I had heard this
> for a long time but I didn't actually believe it.
> Dieterich

First question:  reserved, no
Second question:  No
Last statement:  Heard?  Please don't confuse the lack of overt support with
apathy.  If you think no one here abouts cares about the region, tally up the
regional officers and see who has the most.  Between all the folks who 'play' in
Raven's Fort I count six (of 12) and we've been as high as eight consistently
for the past four years.  I'm darn proud of the hard work and commitment these
folks put into THIS region. I don't think this is done for personal gain,
regional power control, or any other reason than for the simple, virtuous, fact
that folks here do care and wish to take an active part in this region.

To sum up an answer to your post on attitudes and such, I think 'we' are just
trying to be very careful.  SR has only 'been around' for about 6 years and RF
was one of the groups who got caught in the shuffle last time.  Believe me we
are happy where we are and wary about ever re-cutting the pie.

David St. David
Referee-World Cup Soccer

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