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Wed Aug 11 13:05:21 PDT 1999

Casey&Coni wrote:

> Okay, here's a little concept that should incite riots of World Cup Soccer
> proportions.
> Timo has said enough here to make me think hard on this: Does the current
> boundry of the Southern Region make any sense?
> I've stared at a map for hours trying to justify it and still can't.

The Kingdom officers are set to take up discussion on this matter very soon.

It is VERY important to note, however, that these discussions are not being
entered into with a mindset of, "changes will be made, we just need to figure
out where."

Instead, the discussions will touch on the question at it's most basic level,
"Is a change necessary, and if so, where?"

If there are those among us (and there are) who feel strongly about wanting a
regional boundry shift, then write to the Kingdom seneschal with your comments.
You should provide solid administrative and playability reasons for desiring
such a change.  Regional officers with complaints of difficulty is administering
such oddly defined regions would go a LONG way.  Even if you just want to say,
"This is the way I think the regions should be laid out," if enough others
suggest the same boundaries, the suggestion would be taken very seriously.

Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov
Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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