SR - Lighter fluid for that blaze, anyone?

Tim Lozos timden at
Wed Aug 11 15:18:19 PDT 1999


Let me clarify a bit....

>> And this question goes out primarily to Ravensfort folks:  Is Timos
>> assesment of the attitude there accurate? 

Durn right! ;) Of course, it's only my opinion.

 Does the majority really feel
>> that they'd be better off without the rest of the South?  I had heard this
>> for a long time but I didn't actually believe it.
>> Dieterich

I dont think this was the exact point I was trying to say. I believe that
the group is factionalized over the Name/Principality issue, not that there
is a lot o' people demanding to leave the region. I suggested one possible
way to resolve it with out a big catfight would be to leave the South. We
are on the border and could slide right into the Coastal or even the
Central. I believe leaving the region was also brought up last year by
Middlefordshire, due to a negative view on the P issue.

It's just a possibility. I for one would rather see a strong support for the
regional identity/naming/ *p* issues, but I dont feel like putting up with
the crap if half the populace is dragged along kicking and screaming.

My good Baron David said....

  Please don't confuse the lack of overt support with
apathy.  If you think no one here abouts cares about the region, tally up the
regional officers and see who has the most.  Between all the folks who 'play' in
Raven's Fort I count six (of 12) and we've been as high as eight consistently
for the past four years.  I'm darn proud of the hard work and commitment these
folks put into THIS region.

...As am I. The "players" here play hard and support the region and the
Kingdom with their efforts. That dosnt mean they support the nameing/*p*
issue. Of the about 10  hard core, Kingdom-wide, Raven's Fort players, there
is no concensus.


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