SR - Lighter fluid for that blaze, anyone?

Eirik eirik at
Wed Aug 11 16:57:47 PDT 1999

> I dont think this was the exact point I was trying to say. I believe that
> the group is factionalized over the Name/Principality issue, not that
> is a lot o' people demanding to leave the region. I suggested one possible
> way to resolve it with out a big catfight would be to leave the South. We
> are on the border and could slide right into the Coastal or even the
> Central. I believe leaving the region was also brought up last year by
> Middlefordshire, due to a negative view on the P issue.

Actually, after the results of the of the populas poll on the P issue were
announced on the list, several people suggested that we might consider which
region we would go to if the P issue were ever carried out. No one that I
have talked to has ever suggested that we needed to leave the region.
Middleford and Raven's Fort have had a long history of supporting each
other. Personally, I think that none of the current Southern Region should
be changed.


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