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Michael A Scofield ivarcat at
Wed Aug 11 18:15:18 PDT 1999

Pendaran the Stubborn writes:
>Wow, call me stubborn, but I'm not ready to give up just 
>because two or three people post messages saying that people
 don't like any of the names. I'm not ready to believe that the entire 
region is split based on a handful of emails. 
>	Pendaran the Stubborn

Ivar, also stubborn, and tired of the babble, here

All of the fifty plus missives thus far on the topic of  "I don't like
the names" have reached absolutely no result.  And they can't until the
ballots are in from all of the groups, so this babble on the list is a
large waste of time and effort.

The reason that this started is that like in any "election" some people
will be unhappy with the results. And also like in any election, if you
don't like who is running, put your money where your mouth is and get on
the ballot yourself. Then YOU MUST VOTE. If you did nothing you have no
room (or right) to complain. The people who took the time to be informed
and put their best efforts forward for any election don't have to listen
to those who did not bother to get involved. 

Granted, this isn't an election we are talking about. It is a selection
of a name for a region in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. The regional
boundaries are arbitrary, set at the whim of a King, who is no longer a
king, and some Kingdom officers, around six years ago. The people of the
"Southern Region" , as it is presently defined, have gotten together over
the last year and a half to discuss a bonding together to promote a
greater presence within the Kingdom, and without, for the various groups
in the region. A very concerted effort was made by everyone involved with
this effort to ensure that everyone and anyone who was the least bit
active would have a say in what went on in all of this. 

Several very well publicized meetings took place in different areas of
the region, as well as at the business meetings of the groups concerning
the way the names should be selected, the way the ballots would be
handled, who could submit names (everyone and anyone),  and mainly that
everyone should get involved. Now, as the last of the groups are voting
on the names, a very small number of people (three if I am correct) say
they don't like the names. Where were these people during the past year
or so when everyone else was working on this? 

The excuse that nothing came to mind during the time doesn't cut it. IF
you had put a little effort forth, your suggestion could have been the
favorite. But if you don't have a suggestion, you can't complain about
what is on the ballot. There were groups of people who got together to
brainstorm names, there were impromptu meetings to discuss names at
events, peoples backyard fighter practices, and outside at populace
meetings. And there were a lot of names suggested that fell off of the
ballot because they would not pass the heralds scrutiny when sent in for
registration. Some of those that fell off were great names, but unusable.

A name that "sings" is the one picked. It may note be in tune, and it may
be off key when it starts, but it will be much like the Star Spangled
Banner after it has some history and glory behind it. Ansteorra wasn't
the greatest name in the world when this area split from Atenveldt, and
it is now the greatest Kingdom in the Knowne World, ask any Ansteorran!

Let's wait and see what the ballots turn up. If a reballot looks like a
necessary thing, then we send out another set, making sure that "none of
the above" is an option for those who don't like any of the names. And I
think that only the top three names on the present ballot should be on
that ballot. A line for write-ins should also be included. However, 
those who write in a name must know that it will be them and a small
group of their friends who vote for it.  That is, unless they do as the
rest of us did and go to the trouble of letting everybody else know about
it ahead of time.

Boy, I can ramble when somebody does something that irritates me. One of
the bennies of getting old! I'll stop now, everybody go ahead and take
your shots, I expect them.

Ivar Runamagi

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