Regional Boundaries (was RE: SR - Lighter fluid for that blaze, anyone?)

D. R. Hoffpauir env_drh at
Thu Aug 12 10:40:30 PDT 1999

"Zimmermann, Leonard" wrote:

...and I snipped (for brevity sake).

    I agree with the points both you and Ld. Charles make.  Geographically it
makes no sense for Raven's Fort to be in the Southern Region.  Not to long ago
we were part of the Coastal Region.  I don't remember exactly when the shuffle
happened, but it was about 6-7 years ago.  As to the reason, you got me.  But as
I remember it was one of those 'Oh, by the way, ya'll are in the Southern Region
now.'  Of course, there was probably more to it than that, but this was before
most folks had email, something I'd term 'Ansteorran Headline News'.  There
wasn't any discussion (that I know of).  No vote.  We just kinda accepted it as
a decree from the Crown and went on.

    The real headaches came later.  These were administrative headaches that
would probably repeat themselves if we shuffled geography again.  I was local
Knight Marshall then and later, Regional.  The reporting process in these two
offices was very screwed up for a long, long time.  I suspect with other offices
it was equally problematic.  In fact, my regional file had 15 years of Coastal
reports in it and no reports from the Southern Region.  I might add that getting
people to report is a pain even when they know where to send things.

    So, just from personal experience, I'd hope that we don't ever shuffle
boundaries again and if we do, at least go into it with some clue of the
problems it can cause.  Personally, I advocate keeping things just as they are.
If SR wants to push toward 'p-hood' down the road, I'm pretty certain Raven's
Fort will be there with the rest.  I know we've done our share of voting on the

    As for a name, heck I don't know.  Let's call it Siege Perilous.  That ought
to mess with the Heralds.

David St. David, Raven's Fort

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